My journey to weight inclusive practice

I’ve taken sometime to listen, read + reflect without the obsession of having to do more, create more or be more. This shift in mindset from doing, proving + striving, to simply being, has taken me years and I’m still working on it. I found this transition to be parallel with the shift from a weight centric, diet approach to an weight inclusive approach to health + I’d like to share how it transformed + helped me heal. ⁣ In the journey towards becoming a Dietitian I often felt inadequate because I struggled with my relationship with food and hated my body. In fact, the peak of my eating disorder was during my studies in dietetics. The problem was + is diet culture and fat phobia which I internalised from a young age and was then trained as a dietitian in. ⁣ Healing meant unlearning.

I always had a knowing that I couldn’t practice in the weight centric approach. AN approach that glorifies thinness, uses nutrition as a way to shrink our selves + dictates what and when to eat. How could I recommend the very things that triggered my eating disorder? ⁣ Back then believed that my worth and ability as a dietitian was based on how perfect I could be. I feared being judged. I feared not being good enough. How can I struggle with my own body + offer advice on weight loss? And so I withheld my truth in fear of shame and disconnection. I ran away from fears, until I got fed up of running and had to make a choice: face them or quit being a dietitian. I chose to listen to that small voice that said: “there has to be a better way”. ⁣ I trained with @fionawiller + @themindfuldietitian and began practising in a non-diet approach©️, trained with @michellemaymd on the mindful eating program, read + listened to so many incredible health professionals + found my tribe! Slowly everything started to shift. Personally and professionally, it all started to make sense. In 2018 I created Stay Nourished a weight inclusive clinic in Darwin, and my new approach helped hundreds of clients in creating sustainable changes that were not based on weight loss. I began running the Am I hungry?©️mindful eating program+ saw the transformation and freedom experienced by participants.

This has been the journey back to my authentic self, as a Dietitian that is unlearning, as a human that healed from an eating disorder, as a woman that chose to break free from believing that my purpose here is to constantly work on “fixing” my body. So this is me: an anti-diet Dietitian that has decided to allow myself to be vulnerable, sit with my discomfort + choose courage instead of perfection. I want this account to be a platform for truth and I wish to connect with you- especially if you are a health professional. 💗


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