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For years I thought there was something wrong with me.

My mission is to help you create the habits that help you enjoy your life. It all begins with your relationship with yourself and we work on healing your relationship with food and eating so you can begin to live the vibrant life you crave. 


It is possible for you to eat in a way that honours your body wisdom and authentic health. I combine psychology and mindfulness together with nutrition therapy skills to help you create meaningful change that feels good.


For a long time, we used to think that weight and size was the be-all for health and that being a certain weight was essential to be "healthy". We now know that health and weight are not as closely linked as we once believed.


In fact, all of the weight based evidence we have to date demonstrates that weight loss dieting is unsustainable, harmful to our health (mentally, physically, emotionally), and it leaves most of us heavier than before we started dieting.


Hence the name “Anti-Diet” Dietitian.


My practice focuses on helping you learn the skills of building trust in your own body to guide you around eating and becoming in charge of your mind, to create lasting lifestyle change that feels good!

Having had the lived experience of an eating disorder,  followed by years of yo-yo dieting, I know first-hand the detrimental effect that diet culture can have. My healing was gradual, with the help of a therapist and through unlearning the beliefs that kept me trapped. What truly changed my life and practice was coming across the Non-Diet© Approach training, and HAES©. 

My practice is based on the tenants of social justice around creating a respectful and inclusive community where:

  • Body diversity is respected and celebrated,

  • All human attributes such as size, age, race, ethnicity, gender, dis/ability, sexual orientation, religion, class, are honoured - we are part of the one humanity,

  • Lived experience and body wisdom are valued.

I believe  body and food freedom is possible for  every-body. 

It is It is our birth right to be able to enjoy food, and trust our body to take care of us. This is not a destination, but a process of rising above the noise of diet culture and into authentic nutrition.

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Organisational Purpose: 

To help clients eat in a way that is nourishing, satisfying and supporting of health, without rigid rules and dieting. 



I believe that it is our birthright to experience peace, joy and satisfaction around food.

It is my mission to help you feel at peace in your body, become in charge of your eating and stay nourished at every stage of life. 



To create a world without “diet culture” where the pillars for health and nourishment are based on body trust, lived experience and respect.

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